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Welcome to Thomas F. McKenny, DDS

Downtown Seattle Dentist

Since 1962, we have been the preferred dentist in downtown Seattle, providing quality dentistry with all the comforts of your home. Dr. Thomas F. McKenny is one of those rare individuals who loves every detail of life. His work is gentle enough for our most anxious patients while professional enough to be among the best dental treatments available. Our phenomenal staff is well-trained in all the newest developments within the field and eager to help you achieve smiles for life. Our promise is that you will walk out of our office with the most brilliant, healthy teeth and the ability to maintain them.

Here at the office of Thomas F. McKenny, DDS , we keep that promise by combining our unique ability to connect to each and every patient on a personal level, as well as incorporating new technology from the dental field. Dr. McKenny takes a multitude of continuing education classes, attends seminars and conferences  as well as being Invisalign® certified. Dr. McKenny’s thirst for knowledge and passion for Dentistry makes him one of the top dentists in downtown Seattle. Being a member of a multitude of different professional organizations, Thomas F. McKenny, DDS is well versed in exceeding the expectations of patient care when you’re sitting in his chair!

We offer a comprehensive list of dental treatments for your every need, including:

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